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Professional Development and Teacher Training Workshops

Workshops focus on applications for teaching based on sound research and can include strategic group discussions on teaching in small, large and online classrooms; equity-minded teaching; presentations and participatory active learning sessions that demonstrate techniques to engage students, and/or hands-on technology sessions on various learning platforms based on the needs of the workshop participants.  Past workshop locations include Cleveland, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, Tucson, Charlottesville, Rochester and Columbus, Ohio.



A symposium on economics teaching focused on teaching innovations being developed by leaders in the discipline included event planning, agenda creation, promotional marketing, and participant acquisition. 

Creative thinking ideas and innovation concept. Paper scrap ball yellow colour with light

Product Launches

Product development and market launch of Smartwork5 online homework for Economics, 2017; Mateer, Coppock and O’Roark, Essentials of Economics, W.W. Norton &Co., 2016;  Mateer and Coppock, Principles of Economics, W.W. Norton & Co., 2014; product development and market launch of Dautrich and Yalof, The Enduring Democracy, Thomson Learning, 2006; Sherman and Salisbury, The West in the World, McGraw-Hill, 2001; Bentley and Ziegler, Traditions and Encounters, McGraw-Hill, 2000. 

Product launches have included market research including focus groups, surveys, interviews, and competitive analysis; market development; product development consultation; messaging, and product training


Content Development and Analysis

Market analysis of econometrics; product and content analysis in American History, World History, American Government, International Relations, Principles and Survey of Economics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, digital platforms Aplia, MyLab, Connect, Smartwork, Mindtap, Launchpad.

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